English Language Institute

English for Undergraduates (E4U)

General Overview

Our English for Undergraduates (E4U) Program is designed to provide a foundation for international students to improve their language skills, academic skills, and cultural background so that they are better prepared for their academic studies in the US. The program is specifically designed for international students who:

  • have been accepted by an undergraduate program at a university in the United States OR
  • ​have a TOEFL iBT score of 60 (IELTS 6) or higher and are considering applying to undergraduate programs at a university in the United States.


  • June 19 through July 28, 2017
  • This program is offered only in the Summer Term.

Classes and Skills Developed

This is an intensive 6-week program with classes meeting for five hours per day, four days per week. The program uses a variety of academic content as the basis for English language classes in Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing, Grammar, and Vocabulary. Classes are non-credit and focus on developing the following skills:


Language Skills

Academic Skills
Speaking and Listening
  • Strengthening speaking skills and fluency
  • Expanding listening comprehension
  • Enhancing academic communication skills
  • Exploring the interaction of language and culture
  • Giving spontaneous and prepared academic presentations
  • Interacting in small groups for project work
  • Notetaking and understanding lectures
  • Communicating in various academic contexts
Writing and Reading
  • Strengthening writing skills and fluency
  • Expanding reading strategies
  • Writing a variety of types of academic assignments
  • Utilizing library databases and resources
  • Developing grammar for use in formal academic and informal social contexts and academic vocabulary
  • Adapting to educational culture in US undergraduate classes
  • Developing comprehension and ability to use academic vocabulary

The average class size for this program is 16 students. Students who successfully complete the program receive a certificate of attendance.

Student Visas

The ELI issues I-20s for student visas for full-time study in this program. If an applicant has also been accepted to an undergraduate program, the I-20 will be transferred from the ELI to the relevant university at the end of the E4U program.  This program does not accept part-time students

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is $3045 and university fees are $257 for this six-week program.   (Detailed information about tuition and fees can be found on the Tuition and Fees page.) Tuition and fees do not include textbook charges.  Please note that there is a $500 nonrefundable deposit for the English for Undergraduates Program.  An increase in tuition and fees is expected for Summer 2018.

Campus Life

Students in the E4U Program are part of the University of Pittsburgh community and can use all librariesrecreational/sports facilities and computer labs on campus. Students also have access to discounted cultural activities throughout the city.


Housing options for students in the E4U program include homestays, apartments near the university, student residence halls in downtown Pittsburgh, and university dorms.   E4U students who will continue at the University of Pittsburgh in the Fall and plan to live in University of Pittsburgh dorms, please note:

  • Submit a Housing and Dining Contract for Summer 2017 application as soon as possible after receiving the E4U acceptance letter. Dorms fill up very quickly. 
  • On page 7 of the Housing and Dining Contract for Summer 2017 application, next to where it says "Term: Summer Term 2017" write "ELI E4U". 
  • If an E4U student will be staying in the dorms in the Summer and then in the Fall as well, the student MUST notify Panther Central by email at pc@pc.pitt.edu. If the student does not notify Panther Central, there may be days in August when dorms will not available and students will have to find a different place to stay. 

Application Process and Deadline

To apply for admission to the E4U program, applicants must show proof of:

  • acceptance by an undergraduate program at a university in the United States OR
  • a TOEFL iBT score of 60 (IELTS 6) or higher

Students should submit a completed application and the necessary fees by the deadline of May 15, 2017.  Please apply as early as possible to avoid delays and to ensure a place in the program.   

Contact us for more information about the English for Undergraduates Program.